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CKS eLearning

CKS eLearning Guidelines

         Christ the King Catholic School (CKS) has an E-Learning protocol in the event an extended school closure is necessary. The goal of the CKS E-Learning experience is to provide students with a continuation of academic learning and spiritual development. The E-Learning protocol intends to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. Teachers will provide academically rigorous instruction through various electronic platforms and are readily available to students throughout the school day. Students should plan to login to the E-Learning platform designated for their grade level each day and spend approximately 4 hours on academic work.  (The time spent on academics will not all be online during E-Learning. The work will be a combination of various learning modalities and take into consideration differentiated instruction.)
          The CKS E-Learning protocol was designed in accordance with fulfilling the school mission. Our Catholic faith is the foundation of all school programs and permeates all areas of CKS in order to educate the hearts, minds, and spirits of our students to become future servant leaders.

CKS Mission
           As members of Christ the King Catholic School, we will reverence Christ, respect others, and educate our hearts, minds, and spirits to become future servant leaders.
As members of the faith community of Christ the King Catholic School, we will

  • Reverence Christ so that all may grow in faith and love,
  • Respect others and ourselves so that all may live in dignity, and take
  • Responsibility for the spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth and well-being of all members of our community.

Hardware/Software/Network Access
            E-Learning will require students in grades 5-8 to have access to their device, which they normally would utilize at school. Students in grades 4K/DK-4 will need access to a device that is compatible with the following platforms:

            Students should have access to the LMS/SeeSaw, as well as the other online resources utilized throughout the school year. (Students will need their usernames/passwords to access some of these resources.)

            Students will also need access to an online network/internet.

            If a student needs to check out a device from the school, there will be an opportunity to do so. If there is an issue with internet access, the family should contact the school as soon as possible after learning E-Learning will go into effect.

Student Learning
            Teachers have planned lessons for the students that align with curriculum standards. The lessons are organized within the platforms indicated above. Student instructions, lesson objectives, and due dates are all included within the modules. Students will receive feedback from the teachers and there will be various opportunities to interact with teachers and other faculty/staff. Students have been asked to bring home their binders, devices, consumable books, and extended learning packets for E-Learning.

  • RenWeb LMS and SeeSaw are the central locations for communication from the teachers. Any additional communication (i.e. email) will be minimized in order to streamline the E-Learning process.
  • Students must check email and SeeSaw/RenWeb LMS daily. They should be prepared to do academic work on each school day missed as a result of the closure.
  • RenWeb LMSand SeeSaw are the primary resources – this should be the first stop for getting information each day. Each class will post daily learning objectives, agendas, and assignments (with due dates.)
  • Students should complete assignments and submit them to their teacher(s) via the requested format by the next class day or the deadline communicated by the teacher. Login to the designated platform and completion of the module(s) will satisfy attendance for the full school day. E-Learning Expectations
  • Students should set up a workspace at home if one does not already exist.
  • The E-Learning environment will attempt to mirror classroom routines as much as possible. Students will continue to complete academic work each school day.
    • 4K/DK-1 families must check parent email and Seesaw accounts regularly.
    • 2nd -8th students must check their student/parent email and RenWeb/Facts LMS each day.
    • Any student having technology issues should contact Mr. Hudson ( and their teacher(s).
  • Teachers will post learning objectives, assignments, and relevant resources by 9:00 a.m. each day on Seesaw or RenWeb/Facts LMS.
  • Students should approach the E-Learning experience with academic integrity. Unless an assignment or project is specified as group work, students should complete work individually so teachers can best provide feedback and support.

Student Support 

            Faculty, teachers, and staff are here to support our students and their families during challenging times. Open lines of communication will be increasingly important as needs arise. Please contact the school if you need anything, have questions, or have a circumstance that impacts student learning.

  • Daily announcements and prayer will be communicated to students each morning through the school Facebook page. o Grades will continue to be posted in RenWeb to reflect a student’s progress.
  • If a student is sick, or there are other extraordinary circumstances, please inform the student’s teacher so that arrangements can be made for completing the school work.

E-Learning Communication 

CKS has a dedicated webpage for communication-related to COVID-19:

  • CKS COVID-19 Webpage
  • Teachers and staff will be available during the school day. Families and students should email or use the designated platforms to contact CKS faculty and staff.

Quick Reference Contact Information

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Updated on March 22, 2020