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Annual Fund

Support for the Annual Fund is support for programs that give Christ the King Catholic School its distinction in education.  Curriculum enrichment, extracurricular programs, current technology, and a notable array of field trips are made possible through the generosity of our community.
The Annual Fund is a simple way of giving, requiring minimal cost and volunteer time.  Parents take the lead in promoting the Annual Fund Drive, while the school provides the management.  Annual Fund gifts go directly to school operations, providing vital support for current needs, including core activities, with the benefit of a tax deduction for donors.

Christ the King School, as part of its mission to provide an affordable Catholic education, operates with a Gap between tuition and the cost to educate each child.  This Gap is bridged by an annual contribution from the Church, income from the Endowment, and the Annual Fund.

Our goal is 100% participation by parents and faculty.  Reaching a high level of participation can be critical in obtaining outside support, as foundations look for a substantial level of commitment within organizations they choose to fund.


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ANNUAL FUND 2018 Chairs

Lauren and Alec Stewart

4K/DK Girls Elissa & Sean McClure
4K/DK Boys Brandy & Kurt Carlton
Kindergarten Girls Rochelle & Emmanuel Ubinas
Kindergarten Boys Melanie & Manuel Ramon
1st Grade Girls Cindy & Kevin Haddad
1st Grade Boys Cynthia & Matthew Langhorst
2nd Grade Girls Lisa & Scott Jackson
2nd Grade Boys Kellee & Philip Kelton
3rd Grade Girls Faye & Scott Dieckhaus
3rd Grade Boys Lois & Patrick Carver
4th Grade Girls Christina & Mark Siepiela
4th Grade Boys Amanda & Marco Thornton
5th Grade Girls Amy & Jorge Ramirez
5th Grade Boys Kristen & Preston Whisenant
6th Grade Girls Stephanie & Todd Murray
6th Grade Boys Lori & Jimmy Archie
7th Grade Girls Jana & Jeff Lovejoy
7th Grade Boys Maura & Richard Emery
8th Grade Girls Amy & Daniel Llana
8th Grade Boys Noelle & Steve Schmidt


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