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CKS eLearning

CKS eLearning Guidelines


Christ the King Catholic School (CKS) has an E-Learning protocol in the event an extended school closure is necessary. The goal of the CKS E-Learning experience is to provide students with a continuation of academic learning and spiritual development. The E-Learning protocol intends to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. Teachers will provide academically rigorous instruction through various electronic platforms and are readily available to students throughout the school day. Students should plan to log in to the E-Learning platform designated for their grade level each day and spend approximately 4 hours on academic work. (The time spent on academics will not all be online during E-Learning. The work will be a combination of various learning modalities and take into consideration differentiated instruction.) The regulations outlined in the CKS Parent/Student Handbook must continue to be adhered to during E-Learning.

The CKS E-Learning protocol was designed in accordance with fulfilling the school mission. Our Catholic faith is the foundation of all school programs and permeates all areas of CKS in order to educate the hearts, minds, and spirits of our students to become future servant leaders.

CKS Mission

As members of Christ the King Catholic School, we will reverence Christ, respect others, and educate our hearts, minds, and spirits to become future servant leaders.

As members of the faith community of Christ the King Catholic School, we will

  • Reverence Christ so that all may grow in faith and love,
  • Respect others and ourselves so that all may live in dignity, and take
  • Responsibility for the spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth and well-being of all members of our community.

E-Learning Guideline Document