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Mission Statement

As members of Christ the King Catholic School, we will reverence Christ, respect others, and educate our hearts, minds, and spirits to become future servant leaders.

As members of the faith community of Christ the King Catholic School, we will

  • reverence Christ so that all may grow in faith and love,
  • respect others and ourselves so that all may live in dignity, and take
  • responsibility for the spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth and well-being of all members of our community


The mission of Christ the King School has as its primary goal the continuous formation of the Christian person.  It aims at the individual's spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development.  As an education ministry, Christ the King School must respond to the needs of the whole person with qualitative and effective experiences for learning.

The spiritual dimension is integrated in the fourfold responsibility of proclaiming the message revealed by God in word and deed, of manifesting through worship an outward sign of Christian unity, of building community through fulfilling the gospel call to fellowship and social justice, of giving service to all persons through sharing spiritual and temporal goods with those in need.

The intellectual dimension is met through a comprehensive offering of a variety of learning experiences that assist the student to attain the goals of the various areas of instruction, to prepare and to cope with societal demands, to understand and participate in civic and governmental activities, and to appreciate the worth of each person and culture.

The physical dimension is met through programs that prepare the student to acquire the knowledge and understanding of his or her physical and psychological structure and the environmental concerns that affect one's being.

Christ the King Catholic School aspires to cultivate informed, ethical leaders who have a love of learning and a lifelong commitment to Catholic values and service.