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The aim of the extracurricular sports program at Christ the King Catholic School (CKS) is to endow all athletes with disciplined minds, healthy bodies, competitive spirits, and a desire to excel.  The program is under the management of the Athletic Director.

Through participation with the organizing bodies, supplying facilities, and as a matter of general policy, CKS only supports and sanctions activities sponsored by the Dallas Parochial League, the Park Cities YMCA, and the North Texas Lacrosse Association.  CKS encourages its students to participate on a YMCA, DPL, or North Texas Lacrosse team with their classmates and play as a CKS entry.

Only students that participate in the DPL, Park Cities YMCA, and the North Texas Lacrosse Association may represent Christ the King Catholic School.  No other league my use the school’s name or mascot.

Sign - up deadlines for DPL sports are the following: Fall: August 29; Winter October 15; Spring: February 17.  The local YMCA publishes sign - up for each sport prior to the beginning of the season.  The focus in each sport changes as the children progress through the grades as follows:  From grades K - 4, teams are sponsored through the local YMCA and competition is with other local elementary schools.  The focus during these grades is on the development of each player's skills.  The YMCA mandates equal playing time for each participant and CKS encourages all students to participate on these teams regardless of ability.  If more than one team is required to have equitable participation, a completely random selection of players will be made, such as drawing names out of a hat.  The Athletic Director monitors this selection process.

In grades 5 - 6, teams are sponsored through the Dallas Parochial League and competition is with other Catholic schools in Dallas.  The focus during these grades continues to be development of each player's skills.  If an athlete misses practice or displays an attitude that is not conducive to development, the coach is not required to play the student - athlete(s) in question during the following game(s).  In the event that more than one team must be fielded, the process for selection will be more controlled so players will be more equally divided.  Athletes may be grouped by position and then selected at random.  The Athletic Director will supervise this process with assistance from the coaches.

In grades 7 - 8, skills development is still emphasized, but competition is also heavily stressed.  An athlete may be held out for missing practice or displaying an attitude non - conducive to development.    Team selection process will be in accordance with DPL guidelines and may include "A/B Team" selection and/or "Varsity / Jr. Varsity" selection.  The Athletic Director will oversee this process and be responsible