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CKS Advisory Council

This body is configured to reflect the Catholic Church’s commitment to collegiality and subsidiarity in accordance with the directions of the Second Vatican Council.  The Christ the King Advisory Council is an advisory council to the Principal and Pastor.  The Advisory Council assists the Principal and Pastor in developing and implementing policies and programs in order to achieve and maintain the mission statement of the School.  Minutes from monthly meetings are posted on CKS's website -  Meetings are open to CKS parents by appointment.  If you would like to attend, please notify the President.  The Advisory Council does not discuss the day-to-day operations of the school.  Those concerns should be taken directly to the Principal.

Presentation by Non-Members:
Any person or group desiring to address, or observe, a meeting of the School Advisory Council shall notify the President, in writing, of the nature of their request no less than seven (7) calendar days prior to the next meeting of the School Advisory Council.  On receipt of such a request, the President shall contact the Pastor and Principal.  An affirmative vote of these three persons shall be required to approve such a request and the approval shall set forth the amount of time and nature of the presentation to be made.  Notice of such presentations shall be given to each Advisory Council member in advance of the meeting at which it is to be made.

The functions of the School Advisory Council are to:

  • Advise the Principal on policies, programs, services, and strategic planning.
  • Conduct special studies and assignments as requested by the Pastor or Principal.
  • Advise the Principal and Pastor on financial matters including assisting the Principal in the development of the annual school budget; determination of sources of funding for the annual operating budget; establishment of the annual tuition rates.  All of these activities, when completed, will be submitted for approval by the Pastor before being published and/or implemented.
  • Present Christ the King Catholic School to the public, civic authorities, and to the Catholic community, as a school imparting quality Catholic education in all aspects of living:  spiritual, intellectual, cultural, physical, social, and civic.

The Advisory Council does not:

  • Discipline students
  • Develop curriculum
  • Approve instructional materials
  • Hire/fire staff
  • Write regulations
  • Handle grievances


2022-2023 Advisory Council Members:

President:  Mr. Chris Galante

  • Mr. Jimmy Archie
  • Mr. Alex Brauer
  • Mr. Stewart Elliott
  • Mrs. Shannon Estes
  • Mr. Jason Kidd
  • Dr. Mark Knize
  • Dr. Michael Tolle
  • Mr. Brian Tusa 


  • Fr. Lackland, Pastor
  • Fr. Ryan, Associate Pastor
  • Dr. Patrick O'Sullivan, President
  • Dr. Lisa Bosco, Principal
  • Mrs. Rosemary Kohut, Assistant Principal

CKSPA President

  • Mrs. Traci Finch