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Students in grades 4 through 8 will take mid-term and final exams.  Tests will be administered for academic and preparation purposes.  Exams help students to recall the curriculum and skills previously taught and to prepare students for taking exams at the high school level.

Christ the King School posts the grades online via RenWeb (   An e-mail address must be on file with the school office to access the RenWeb system.  Please take advantage of having access to your child's grades online by checking your child's progress regularly.

Report cards inform parents of a student's progress in academics and the development of Christian values and character, and grades are the result of the student's cumulative markings in any subject during that quarter.  Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter and e-mailed to parents.  The yearend report cards will be printed and given to students on the last day of school.  Students in kindergarten do not receive a report card until the second quarter of the school year.  A copy of the student's report card remains in the student's permanent file until graduation or transfer.

Parents are asked to review the report card with their children.  Discussion of strengths, weaknesses, and goal-setting motivates the student.  Talking with a child about the report card also demonstrates parental interest and support.