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Student Organizations

The CKS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society was established to recognize outstanding achievement and citizenship in our 7th and 8th grade students.  Induction into the NJHS takes place each year in April or May. In order for a student to be considered for the NJHS, a student must:

  • Demonstrate scholarship by maintaining a cumulative grade average of 87.5 or above in each subject and Classroom Effort grade of “S” in each subject as reported on Report Cards for the previous 4 quarters;
  • Demonstrate character and citizenship by maintaining Campus Conduct and Classroom Conduct grade of “S” for the previous 4 quarters;
  • Volunteer in service projects and have contributed documented service to CKS within the past year;
  • Be a constructive and positive leader in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

Each fall the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students elect students to serve as representatives on the CKS Student Council.  To be eligible to run for Student Council, a student must meet the following standards:

  • The student must have demonstrated him/herself to be of good character, honest, reliable and concerned for the well–being of CKS;
  • The student must have demonstrated positive leadership by having no “N” or “U” in Campus Conduct during the previous academic year, and no more than 1 detention during the previous semester.
  • The student must complete the application process in a timely manner for nomination.

If elected, to remain active in the Student Council a representative must have and maintain a grade average no lower than “C” in each subject, have earned no “N” or “U” in Conduct during the current academic year, and may earn no more than 1 detention during the current semester.

The Student Council meets during lunchtime twice a month.