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Re–enrollment at Christ the King School is not automatically extended to every student.  This privilege is reserved for those students for whom Christ the King has the most appropriate program and whose academic progress and behavior/attitude indicate a willingness to engage cooperatively in spiritual and academic growth.  Students may be denied enrollment at any time during the school year if attitude, behavior, and/or academics become negative.  Parents are expected to be supportive of the school's philosophy and the educational efforts put forth by the teachers, administration, advisory council, and pastor.  The attitude and behavior of parents and their willingness to follow school procedures and requests are also a consideration for the re-enrollment of their children.

Tuition for the preceding school year must be paid in full by February 28th in order for a student to re-enroll for the following year.  Previously paid registration fees are not refundable if one does not qualify for re-enrollment.

Students in all grades will re-register for the following year, in January.  A non-refundable registration fee is required at that time.

Click Here to log onto the Parents Web to complete the re-enrollment process.