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Philosophy & Goals

Conscious of the dignity of each student created in God's image, the primary concern of Christ the King School is the integrated development of the child.  In To Teach as Jesus Did, the United States bishops state: "Educational programs for the young must strive to teach doctrine, to do so within the experience of Christian community, and to prepare individuals for Christian witness and service to others."  With this in mind, the school endeavors to provide every opportunity for the child to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally so each person can take a place as a responsible member of the Church, the family, and society.  Christ the King Catholic School strives to promote these ideals:

  • To teach the Catholic faith and traditions as a way of life and as the necessary ingredient to living an authentic life;
  • To provide a curriculum that challenges each student to develop his intellectual powers according to his individual needs and capabilities;
  • To develop school spirit, civic pride, good sportsmanship, and leadership qualities through co–curricular programs;
  • To develop physical well–being through health programs, physical education classes, and athletics;
  • To promote creativity and aesthetic values through music, literature, drama, and art;
  • To establish harmony between school and home through frequent communications;
  • To cultivate a spirit of consideration, courtesy, and refinement to prepare each student to assume his or her place in society.


Christ the King Catholic School aspires to cultivate informed, ethical leaders who have a love of learning and a lifelong commitment to Catholic values and service.