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Formal home study is assigned to help students become self-reliant and self-directed.  Assignments are designed to reinforce daily lessons, to supplement and enrich class work, and to prepare for certain lessons through various experiences.

A reasonable amount of homework will be assigned daily.  Homework time will vary in length and intensity depending on the student and the grade level.  Students are expected to complete all homework assignments.  Academic and/or behavioral consequences are applied when homework is not completed.  Homework is a necessary part of serious academic study and should be completed on time every day.  Parents should supervise the completion, but should not do the assignments.  Students are allowed extended time to complete assignments only when given an excused absence.  Participation in extracurricular activities is not a valid excuse for incomplete or late homework assignments.  Students are responsible for getting homework assignments from their teachers.  Parents can check for homework assignment via RenWeb.

As parents and educators, we are dedicated to helping children to become responsible citizens.  Students must learn not only responsible conduct behavior but also responsible academic behavior.  To this end, students, especially Upper School students, are ultimately responsible for completing their own assignments and homework and for remembering to bring their own books, homework, assignments, and materials to class.  Students are discouraged from calling home for forgotten books, homework, or materials.

Although teachers try their best to notify parents if students have lost books or materials or have received zeroes for missing assignments, it is the ultimate responsibility of the student to keep track of school assignments, grades, and materials and to relay this information to his or her parent.  Students should make arrangements with teachers or outside tutors for extra help if further academic assistance is needed.  At the beginning of the year, teachers will send home the times they are available to give students extra help.