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Elizabeth Fritts

Elizabeth Fritts
Elizabeth Fritts
2R Homeroom Teacher

Now this is the story all about how,

my life got flip-turned upside down,

And I’d like to take a minute,

just sit right there,

and I’ll tell you how I became a teacher at a school called Christ the King!


In Arlington, Virginia, born and raised,

at school is where I’m spending most of my days,

learning, reading, enjoying my youth, and shooting some basketball outside of the school,

when a couple of years later, it dawned on me, a teacher is who I’m meant to be!


So I packed my bags,

and I went to UVA,

got my BA, my masters, straight learning all day.

Then I went to Holy Spirit so I could teach about God,

living my vocation,

teaching the future generations!


I was living in VA,

teaching grade one,

when I heard that Texas is super fun!

I hopped in my car and drove right down,

teaching grade THREE is the best around!


Now I’m at CKS,

and I can easily say,

I’m enjoying these kids every single day!

Ms. Fritts