Crusaders Care

“How beautiful it would be if each of you, every evening, could say: Today at school, at home, at work, guided by God, I showed a sign of love towards one of my friends, my parents, an older person! How beautiful!” Pope Francis

Called upon as Christians, to be a community of people who care about one another, Crusaders Care is a CKS program designed to provide our students with opportunities for service, to make them aware of ways to help others.

In addition to our school wide service projects such as our Thanksgiving turkey drive, our Shrove Tuesday Beneficial Breakfast, our Lenten boxes (with proceeds going to the Missionaries of Charity) and our CK5K, every grade level has a service project of their own.  For example, our 4th grade students raise money to provide “chemo care packages” for children undergoing chemotherapy at local children’s hospitals.  Our 6th grade students host a field day and luncheon for Notre Dame students with special needs.  2nd grade students spend a day before Christmas visiting the elderly at St. Joseph Residence –singing carols and presenting them with small gifts they made in class.   These are just a few of the many wonderful charitable projects and events that go on in every homeroom throughout the year. Christ the King has much to be proud of!

Since our Crusaders Care program began, many parents have asked for service project ideas that their children can do outside of school. While this is completely optional, we feel that there are many benefits for both our students and the community at large. Research has shown that kids involved in community service, learn how to problem solve, to make decisions, to contribute to the community, and also gain an awareness or empathy for others. It shows too, that those children are more likely to continue this service as adults. KIDS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Below, you will find a Crusaders Care Community Service Form and a List of Service Project Ideas There are two separate forms, the first for grades K-1,( this form allows space for the child to draw a picture of what service they completed), and another for grades 2-7. The 8th grade is not included as they complete their service hours for the Sacrament of Confirmation. On this form you will see a list of requirements. Please note, while this is an OPTIONAL program, it will count for one extra credit religion grade each quarter.

                                     ***YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST!***

                                Crusaders Care Community Service Form Grade K-1- Click Here

                                Crusaders Care Community Service Form Grade 2-7- Click Here

                                                  List of Service Project Ideas - Click Here