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Safe Environment Infomation

Mandated by the Diocese of Dallas – April 2005

Safe Environment Procedures for First Time Applicants:
1)     The screening form, complete with Social Security number and birthdate, may be submitted on line through the website. Once you have submitted your screening form, please email Laura Lynch  so that she can look for it in the system (otherwise, it just sits there and nothing gets done).

2)    Read the Diocesan Safe Environment Handbook and the accompanying Policy on Sexual Misconduct. Once you have familiarized yourself with the Diocesan policies, please sign the acknowledgement form on page 20 of the Safe Environment Policies for Diocesan Entities. For legal purposes, please provide Laura Lynch in the church office with a hard copy rather than any type of facsimile.

3)     Please attend a Family of Faith class here at Christ the King. The new building presents
       us with special circumstances that no other parish in this diocese has to address. If
here is an urgent problem, please email Laura for other information. The schedules for these can be found on the Diocesan website:

4)      Interviews are the final step in the SE process. You cannot schedule one until all other elements of the clearance process are complete. Please schedule with Laura Lynch.

5)      Badges are made at the school and may not be released until you are fully cleared through Safe Environment.

Safe Environment Procedures for Renewing Applicants:
*Renew Safe Environment Training each year, with the year beginning in August. This may be available on–line or in person depending on the requirement for that year.

*Once verification of attendance is completed, you will receive a renewal sticker to place on your Photo ID Badge.

*If badge is lost, a new badge must be made through Christ the King Church office at the cost of the applicant.

If you should have any questions concerning this or need to arrange an interview, please call Laura Lynch at (214)365–1208.

Please keep in mind that these requirements are set by the
Diocese of Dallas and may change.