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  Name Title Group Contact
Ruby Ackerman Ackerman, Ruby Physical Education 5-8
Soledad Almerido Almerido, Soledad 8G Homeroom Teacher
Silvana Bacigalupo Bacigalupo, Silvana Spanish 4, 7-8
Julie Blue Blue, Julie Director of Admissions
Lisa Bosco Bosco, Lisa Principal 214-365-1234
Thomas Burns Burns, Thomas 5R Homeroom Teacher 214-365-1234
Jeanne Chavez Chavez, Jeanne 4G Homeroom Teacher
Grace Chengery Chengery, Grace 1R Homeroom Teacher
Amber Clark Clark, Amber KG Homeroom Teacher
Kasey Dow Dow, Kasey SOAR/Curr.Enrich
Madeline Elliott Elliott, Madeline 7R Homeroom Teacher
Maria Esteves Esteves, Maria Spanish K-3
Elizabeth Fritts Fritts, Elizabeth 2R Homeroom Teacher
Leslie Garnett Garnett, Leslie Librarian
Donna Giuliano Giuliano, Donna Teacher Aide
Mariel Hesley Hesley, Mariel 6G Homeroom Teacher
Gabby Higgs Higgs, Gabby Art K-8
Michael Higgs Higgs, Michael Director of Athletics
Valorie Hodgkinson Hodgkinson, Valorie DK Homeroom Teacher
Billie Houpt Houpt, Billie 6G Homeroom Teacher
Ron Hudson Hudson, Ron Director of Technology 214-365-1231
Elizabeth Jarrett Jarrett, Elizabeth 4K Homeroom Teacher
Vicki Kleinenbroich Kleinenbroich, Vicki Teacher Aide
Rosemary Kohut Kohut, Rosemary 8R Homeroom Teacher
Caroline Lappe Lappe, Caroline 3R Homeroom Teacher 2143651234
Laura Lynch Lynch, Laura 7G Homeroom Teacher
Irma Maher Maher, Irma Teacher Aide
Caroline Mason Mason, Caroline 4K Homerooom Teacher
Mary Melle Melle, Mary Academics/Special Projects
Lauren Mooney Mooney, Lauren DK Homeroom Teacher
Sherrie Negrete Negrete, Sherrie Teacher Aide
Patrick O'Sullivan O'Sullivan, Patrick President
Claire Odom Odom, Claire Upper School Math 214-365-1234
Erin Ray Ray, Erin KR Homeroom Teacher
Elaine Reimann Reimann, Elaine Receptionist
Sandra Ronk Ronk, Sandra Physical Education K-4 214-365-1234
Nubia Sanchez-Rodriguez Sanchez-Rodriguez, Nubia Business Manager
Nicole Sanders Sanders, Nicole 2G Homeroom Teacher
Stephanie Schuepbach Schuepbach, Stephanie 1G Homeroom Teacher
Denise Shaw Shaw, Denise 3G Homeroom Teacher 2143651234
Jeffrey Solomon Solomon, Jeffrey Computer DK-8 214-365-1234
Merily Songe Songe, Merily Music K-8
Patricia Tear Tear, Patricia Teacher Aide 2143651234
Adarely Trejo Trejo, Adarely Teacher
Maryfran Utz Utz, Maryfran Teacher Aide 214-365-1234
Connor Vincent Vincent, Connor Upper School Science
Nancy Wrozek, RN Wrozek, RN, Nancy Nurse
Ashley Young Young, Ashley 4R Homeroom Teacher